Before - The Bricker House
After- Cocalico Quilter's Inn

Cocalico Quilter's Inn, formerly known as the Bricker House was built in 1759 on a beautiful 800 acre estate by Peter Bricker. Peter and his wife Christina Bricker left Rotterdam and arrived in Philadelphia via the Pink Plaisance on the 21st of September 1732. Peter Bricker passed away in 1761 at the age of 61 and is buried 1,000 feet away from the beautiful sand stone house that he built only two years prior.

In early years, the Bricker House served as an inn. Still standing on the property is a beautiful outdoor brick oven with the original tile roofing. In 1793 the Wiest's Mill, better known as Shenk's Mill was built on the estate and was used as a gristmill and sawmill. It was in operation until 1924.

One of the most outstanding trademarks of the Bricker House is a dedication stone that was built into the house which, translated from German, reads as follows. "God bless this house and all that go in and out, God bless all, and to it the whole land. Give God honor, and no one else. In the year of our Lord, 1759, Peter Bricker, Elizabeth Bricker." It is our desire that the Cocalico Quitter's Inn will provide a lovely retreat for quilter's to come together and may all who enter this house be blessed and be a blessing.